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Village of McBride Properties for Sale - Request for Expression of Interest (RFEOI)

The Village of McBride is now accepting bids to purchase several properties. Sealed bids may be submitted at any time. See the RFEOI document below for more information on how to submit bids. Council will evaluate all bid submissions in their entirety to determine whether an offer is in the best interests of the Village and may not rely on price alone. The Village may reject all bids if it determines that a sale based on the offers is not in the Village's best interests.

Key Documents:

1. REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST - RFEOI - Sale of Village Properties (00796527-2) 

2. 964/976 2nd Ave - additional information - Basic Info - appraisal report - 964 2nd Ave and 976 2nd Ave, McBride, BC 

3. 1127 Frontage Rd. SE - additional information - Basic Info - appraisal report - 1127 Frontage Rd, McBride, BC 

4. 848 1st Avenue - additional information

5. 1032/1044 2nd Ave - additional information - Basic Info - appraisal report 1032-1044 2 Ave, McBride, BC 

6. Property Sale Advertisement - Village Property Advertisement - Aug 2022 

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