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Tippable Garbage Containers set to hit the streets to coincide with back to school - What you need to know

Aug 25, 2022

Tippable Garbage Container

Each owner or occupier of residential or commercial property in the Village of McBride, will receive one 65 gal. tippable garbage container (expect those commercial properties utilizing commercial bins). If a supplied tippable garbage container is not used, solid waste will not be collected. The container stays with the property not the tenant. 

Every owner or occupier of residential or commercial property in the Village of McBride must keep the tippable garbage container in good condition. Replacement containers will be charged to property owner when one becomes damaged, unsafe or dangerous to a person who handles them.

Garbage collection for residents is every Friday (excluding stat holiday). Tippable garbage containers must be placed outside by 8:00 am. Containers placed after 8:00 am on collection day may not be collected. Pick up times may vary occasionally without notice.

Your tippable garbage container must be placed in full view and within 1.0 metres of the curbside, with the lid closed. 

Tippable garbage container wheels, handle and pin number should be facing towards the resident property as the truck hooks onto the front of the container. 

All garbage is to be bagged, tied and placed inside the container, this is to avoid debris from scattering when it is transferred to the garbage truck and then to the transfer station bins. 


·         Material that is or may become explosive;

·         Highly flammable materials;

·         Hot or loose ashes;

·         Household batteries, whether rechargeable or non-rechargeable;

·         Raw sewage;

·         Animal feces, other than cat litter, or dog litter if:

·         The plastic bags containing the litter is securely tied;

·         Dead animals;

·         Free water or other liquids;

·         Biomedical waste or sharps (syringes, needles, injection devices, blades, and similar items);

·         Petroleum-based oils, containers and filters (motor oil and oil filters, lubricating oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, and similar oils);

·         Any form of grease, unless securely wrapped or enclosed in waterproof material;

·         Paint and pesticides;

·         Rocks;

·         Demolition materials;

·         Gyproc or gypsum wallboard;

·         Wire;

·         Heavy pieces of metal or car parts;

·         Yard Waste;

·         Items of any kind that are larger than 60 centimetres (24 inches) in any dimension;

·         Dangerous or highly offensive wastes, including, without limitation, all substances within the definition of “hazardous waste” in the Hazardous Waste Regulation, B.C. Regulation 63/88, under the Environmental Management Act.

No property shall include cardboard waste generated at the premises for Solid Waste Collection. The Village will not be responsible for the disposal of such cardboard.

All garbage must be sealed inside the garbage container. Maximum weight 100lbs. No extra garbage on the street.

With the transfer station facility now located within the Village, we would like to encourage residents to recycle and drop their recycling off at the transfer station bins. Questions regarding the transfer station facility can be directed to the transfer station attendant at 250-569-8877.

Every Owner or Occupier of residential or commercial property must ensure that any and all Solid Waste generated on the Real Property or premises is stored in such a manner as to avoid attracting rodents, raccoons, coyotes, cougars, bears, and crows.

In summer months, please hose down the tippable garbage container to keep the container clean and avoid attracting unwanted wildlife.

In Winter months, keep the lid sealed tight so the tippable garbage containers do not fill with water, freeze and break.  



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