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Village of McBride - Clarification of Roles of Bylaw Information Officer and Council

Nov 26, 2020


Corporation of the Village of McBride




November 26, 2020

The Council of the Village of McBride would like to take this opportunity to clarify the roles of Council and the Bylaw Information Officer.   The Village does not provide enforcement services – enforcement is the sole responsibility of the RCMP.   Council views the role of the Village and Bylaw Information Officer as providing assistance to businesses and individuals to comply with the current directives issued by Dr. Henry.

 Mr. Kelly Mortenson has been appointed as the Bylaw Information Officer and is available to assist businesses and individuals in keeping abreast of health orders and directives, and work with the community to find solutions for any issues and support of compliance measures.

We are confident that members of our community will continue to support our local businesses while alleviating stress for those who might be vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19 and will choose to follow Dr. Henry’s directives, regardless of their personal beliefs concerning the measures in place.   Every person has a right to their own opinions, however Council is confident that kindness and consideration for all the community will be a deciding factor in complying with the current directives.

Business have not yet recovered from the shut down of this past Spring and need their patrons to co-operate with the processes put into place to avoid the need for further restrictions.   Every person who enters a business is required to “mask-up”.   If someone is unable to wear a mask for health or personal reasons there are various resources available to assist in the delivery of products from the local businesses – please just call the business to make alternate arrangements.

Council has also discussed whether we should remain open to visitors to our community.   Currently the Provincial directives strongly recommend no unnecessary travel outside of your community.   There is no official restriction that prevents travel, but the hope is that common sense will prevail.   If visitors are advised of the Provincial directives and they follow those directives, there is no legal reason why visitors can not come to our community. Each business will be responsible for their own risk assessment to determine whether they will accept visitors to their business.   McBride is famous for being a welcoming community.   Council encourages the community to be respectful to any visitors that we see, and we are confident that they will be respectful in return.

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