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Village of McBride Issues Blanket Permit for Recreational Fires

Apr 30, 2020


Village of McBride Issues Blanket Permit for Recreational Fires

for Residents Until May 14, 2020

Recreation Campfires (2ft by 2ft by 2ft) Allowed 8 am to Midnight Daily


The Ministry of Environment’s fire ban restrictions are in effect until Monday June 15, 2020 in McBride and surrounding area. The ban restricts opening burning due to high smoke sensitivity therefore the Village will not be issuing any open fire burning permits at this time.  The restrictions can be viewed at the link below.


The COVID-19 Provincial Ministerial Orders require the Village to have a Bylaw Enforcement Officer in place to ensure social distancing and no mass gatherings.  The Village has been relying on short term approvals from EMBC to cost recover these incremental costs to the Village.

As of April 29, 2020 the Village received approval from EMBC for a Bylaw Officer until the middle of May. Now that we have this in place the Village can confidently implement a Blanket Permit for all McBride Residents within the Village’s jurisdiction to have a Back-yard Recreation Campfire.

Recreation Fires Allowed Daily - April 30 to May 14, 2020 from 8 am to Midnight 



1.    Social Distancing and Staying Home Provincial Orders Compliance.


2.    Recreational Fire means the burning of wood for recreational purposes in a permanent outdoor fireplace, barbecue or fire pit not larger than 60 centimetres in diameter that is designed and constructed for such a purpose 


3.    Distance from Building and Facilities During Burning 

a) Recreation fires must be carried out at least 4.6 metres from all property lines and at least 3.0 metres from any combustible structure. 

b) The open burning of debris must be carried out at least: 

i.          4.6m from all property lines and buildings and at least 3.0m from any grass, shrub, trees or wooden fence. 

ii.          Due care and consideration must be employed so that smoke from open burning of debris does not pose a hazard at airports or on provincial highways by significantly reducing visibility. 


4.    Control of Fires 

a) A person who has been issued a permit under this Bylaw must ensure that the fire is continuously supervised and controlled by a person who is at least nineteen (19) years old. 

b) The person supervising the fire must have emergency equipment that is immediately available and is capable of controlling or putting out the fire to prevent danger, damage and injury to persons or property. 


5.    Inspection and Orders 

a) The Fire Chief or his/her designate may: 

i.           Enter at all reasonable times on any property that is subject to the requirements or regulations of this Bylaw, to ascertain whether the regulations in this Bylaw or directions made under this Bylaw are in compliance. 

ii.           Make order directing the owners or occupiers of property to bring the fire into compliance with this Bylaw; 

iii.          Prevent material not properly prepared (i.e. dried) from being added to this fire; 

iv.          Order the operator to immediately put the fire out. 

b) No person shall obstruct or prevent the Fire Chief or his or her designate from conducting an inspection under this bylaw. 


6.    It is incumbent on Renters to secure approval from Property Owners for recreational campfires.


Every person who violates any of the provisions of this Village of McBride Burning Bylaw 680, or who suffers or permits any act or thing to be done in contravention of this Bylaw shall be deemed to be guilty of an infraction hereof and shall be liable to the penalties imposed. Every continuing infraction shall be deemed to be a new and separate offence for each day during which the same shall continue.

Any person found guilty of an infraction on any of the provisions of the Burning Bylaw shall, be liable to a minimum fine of one hundred dollars ($100).


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